Supplier Requirement Information

Stream Recycling Solutions is committed to responsible recycling of all materials. We take a proactive and planned management approach to our business based on the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) and R2 Responsible Electronics Recycling.

RIOS/R2 includes generally accepted practices for quality management, environmental protection, and worker health and safety in the recycling industry.

We not only subscribe to these standards; we hold ourselves accountable to each through independent 3rd Party audit and certification.

As required by these standards and incorporated into our management system, this information is provided as part of our proactive communication efforts. Because you supply our company with equipment to be processed, we respectfully request your cooperation in assisting us with maximizing our goals to promote environmental responsibility and worker health and safety.

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In addition to providing you with information, we also welcome and value your feedback as it helps us to improve our services. Your first line of communication is through your account manager or salesperson. Occasionally you may be asked to respond to a Supplier/Customer Satisfaction Survey regarding our services. You may also use our website to send comments or complaints using the Contact Us menu.

Source Control:

Stream Recycling Solutions is permitted and capable of handling most materials for recycling. However, there are certain items that are not accepted. Please make all efforts not to send this material. Should this material be received at one of our locations, we will contact you to plan for return or for processing by a qualified vendor (including appropriate financial settlements for handling).

Prohibited (NOT Accepted) Materials:

  • Any fossil fuel or materials used in collecting fossil fuels.
  • Flammables – any items containing flammable liquids.
  • Any equipment containing refrigerants (Freon).
  • Firearms or ammunition.
  • Any Liquid.
  • Any infectious or biological wastes or equipment that contained them.
  • Materials contaminated with radiation (including smoke detectors).
  • Mercury, Mercury, and PCB containing devices.
  • Chemicals, oils or powders, any equipment containing chemicals of any kind.
  • Any media contaminated with oil.
  • Any Materials that would adversely impact our operations or result in environmental or health and safety problems.

Supplier Requirements:

In most cases, signed proposals, contracts, statements of work or similar documentation will be used to facilitate expectations of services. In the absence of an over-arching agreement, a purchase order or work order may be used if scopes of services are identified therein.

We utilize a Supplier Control Sheet Form to document account level and project level supplier requirements. Specific requirements outside the normal scope of processing should be clearly documented. Changes will be documented on a revised supplier profile. You may be asked periodically to review your current profile for accuracy. If requirements are changed for a specific order these will be documented with the individual order. Please provide order specific requirements in writing. We want to ensure there is no miscommunication about your expectations.

Qualifying Information:

We maintain standard information about our qualifications as your recyclerand have attached this information for your convenience.

We will make every effort to provide additional information as requested. We will request a non-disclosure agreement prior to providing proprietary information.

Sometimes suppliers have their own unique forms and they request us to complete each. Our audit package is designed to answer most of these questions. Should you require us to complete your form, please provide your key personnel contact information so we can facilitate any further questions and interactions we may have to complete your custom form in a timely manner.

The following information provided herein Stream’s (Supplier / Customer Audit Packet) containing a summary of the most common asked questions and supporting documents.

  • Internal Audit Summary of our facility-operations
  • Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy
  • Landfill Avoidance Policy
  • Permits, registrations, and licenses
  • Certificate of Insurance(s)
  • Material Flow Diagram
  • Industry Certifications
  • Approved List of Downstream Vendors
  • Recycling Chain detail(s), separate (Excel) document showing product flow through downstream processors

QEH&S Policy

A copy of our policy is provided herein this audit packet and via our website URL: listed under header (Our Policies / Other)

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