RIOS and R2 Form Partnership to Support Recycling

Sustainable Electronic Recycling International (SERI), and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), have announced an alliance between SERI and ISRI to facilitate collaboration to improve training and education programs, streamline the process for companies seeking R2 and RIOS certifications, lower the overall cost of certification and support the responsible recycling, reuse and repair of electronics, according to a news release about the partnership.

Customers often require recycling companies to complete recycling certifications, including the certifications available from SERl (R2) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (RIOS).  These standards require recycling companies to uphold standards for quality and environmental health and safety. By partnering together, these two organizations will be able to streamline the certification process, improve existing training programs, and lower the cost of certification. This means electronics recycling companies will more easily be able to earn their certifications and stay informed on proper recycling methods and management.

Stream Recycling is excited to be a part of this development and will continue to uphold the highest electronics recycling standards to mitigate risks, protect the environment, and help maximize benefits to our valued customers.

“Every electronics recycling standard is built on a strong quality, environmental, health and safety management system. RIOS is the only management system standard designed specifically for recyclers. I see great opportunities for R2 Certified recyclers when R2 and RIOS work together to support recyclers in achieving the management system requirements of R2,” – Corey Dehmey, SERI’s Executive Director.

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