Protecting the Environment & Your Data

​The decisions you make regarding stewardship can enhance your business or detract from it, leaving you to learn from your mistakes. Stream Recycling takes environmental governance seriously throughout the IT product life cycle, promoting sustainability through the principles of waste reduction: reduce, reuse and recycle. We identify new opportunities to reuse IT equipment, prolonging the life of no-longer-wanted devices, and responsibly recycling when equipment can no longer be used. At Stream Recycling, we’re proud to conduct IT equipment recycling and hard drive data destruction in an economically and environmentally-sound, sustainable manner.

Electronics Recycling

We Make it Simple for You

​Stream Recycling understands that relevant efficiencies can be realized by leveraging technology, innovation and experience. This streamlined approach simplifies the ITAD process by connecting businesses to the right set of partners and opportunities. Our decades of experience allow us to combine the knowledge we’ve gained with our significant investments in our people, tools, and advanced processes. It all adds up to clear objectives for us and an efficient, single-source experience for you.

We Deliver Custom IT Equipment Recycling Solutions for our Clients

​Stream Recycling is committed to the delivery of best-in-class ITAD services by creating optimal solutions, tailored for each customer. Every solution design begins with us working to first understand your business strategy and its drivers, and then identify what you want to derive from your ITAD experience. At Stream Recycling, we realize that no two customers are exactly the same, so no two solutions are ever exactly the same. Find the right IT recycling solution for your specific business needs.


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