Electronic devices are everywhere. If one breaks it is can be easily replaced by a newer, more improved model. When this happens, many people take their devices to an electronics recycling center. The fact is, electronics recycling is becoming a major business. It’s a much better solution to recycle the components of an electronic device than to allow them to go to a landfill. Companies that specialize in this type of recycling have the tools and equipment needed to dismantle electronics without damaging the parts that are still usable. This is where refurbishing comes in.

What Does Refurbish Mean?

To refurbish something means to rebuild or renovate it. When an electronic device is refurbished, the damaged components are removed and replaced with new and improved components. Cell phones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops can easily be refurbished. It’s important to remember that refurbishing an item goes far beyond making simple repairs. For an item to be considered refurbished, it must be taken apart and rebuilt to company standards, replacing any parts that may be worn or outdated. ​

How Does Refurbished Relate to Electronics Recycling?

Electronic devices are not always easy to repair, and if repairs can be made, the process and replacement parts are so costly that it is often easier to just buy a new one and upgrade. When this happens, the old device is either thrown away or preferably, recycled. People who are in the business of repairing or refurbishing electronics can sometimes purchase these devices from recycling centers and use them as parts or refurbish them for resale. If an item has extensive damage to any of the outer components, it is normally taken apart and the components used for repairs.

If the outer shell or casing is intact, it may be able to be refurbished. The device is taken apart and any defective or damaged parts are removed. Everything is cleaned and checked to ensure there are no cracks or abnormalities. New components are used to replace the ones that were previously damaged and the device is put back together. Depending on what components were replaced and whether the parts were new or used will determine if the item carries any type of warranty by the company who rebuilt the device. If the components used are under warranty from the manufacturer, they will be passed down to whoever purchases the refurbished device.

Are Refurbished Products As Good As Brand New?

Because refurbished devices are rebuilt using new or like-new parts, they will function similar to a brand new device. Even though a refurbished product is made using a recycled device, it’s important that they meet the same criteria as the original device. When brand new parts are used to replace broken or damaged parts, a warranty or guarantee is often attached that will protect the consumer from receiving a product that is sub-standard. If you have any questions about how a product performs, you can always ask to see it work before you decide to purchase it. In most cases, the entire component system has been replaced in a refurbished device, leaving a few original pieces that don’t have much of an impact on how it functions.

How Much Do Refurbished Items Cost?

A recycled device that has been through the refurbishing process can sell for almost half of what the original item costs. This is much more cost-effective than buying a brand new device. A $500 desktop computer that has been refurbished can sell for as much as $250 to $300 depending on what type of components were used to replace the originals. Many people who choose to recycle a damaged device will often look at refurbished items simply because they are modestly priced compared to purchasing a brand new model with the same capabilities.

With more and more people choosing to recycle their electronics, there is a major market for components that are reusable. People who refurbish electronic devices can use many different parts from a recycled device, eliminating the glut of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials that eventually end up in the landfill. Refurbishing a device doesn’t make it brand new, but it makes it as close as possible. If the technician is certified to repair or refurbish a device, the company they work for may also offer a guarantee on the parts and service used in the process. All in all, refurbishing is a much better, and more cost-effective option than struggling to have a device repaired.

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