Electronics Recycling


History of Electronic Waste Recycling Industry

Have you ever stopped to think about how much electronic waste you produce each year? It’s mind-blowing and you are just one person. Think about how much electronic waste the world as a whole produces! The need for properly disposing of electronic waste becomes greater and even more important by the day. When did electronic waste disposal begin and where

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5 Different Ways To Recycle Old Electronics

Do you have old electronics that need to be trashed? Do you know how to properly dispose of them? Disposing of old electronics isn’t as simple as just tossing them into the trash. You have to consider the environment and other serious matters such as the security of your personal information or that of your business and customer data. So what are

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Computer Disposal For Small Businesses

The mishandling of a consumer’s personal data is serious, even if it was unintentional. This could easily happen such as in the case of data being hacked from an old computer that was improperly disposed of. Have your old business computers been properly disposed of? Many small business owners believe, perhaps based on old information, that they have properly disposed

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BAN & Dell Pilot E-Scrap Tracking Program

The Texas-based Dell computer company has partnered with the Washington State-based Basel Action Network (BAN). BAN is a privately run watchdog group dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives. Part of the way BAN works toward this goal is by developing advanced Electronics Recycling programs. Their mission statement is to “champion global environmental health and justice by ending toxic trade,
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E-Waste Facts & Statistics

E-Waste Stats From business to consumer electronics the industry is constantly changing, but what happens to your E-Waste when you "upgrade?" Here are some statistics: In 2014 the United States generated roughly 11.7 million tons of e-waste. By the end of 2018, that number is expected to increase by 49.8 million tons. (source) Currently, only 15%-20% of e-waste is recycled
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Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo’s First Annual Electronic Recycling Event Recap

Even Guenon Monkeys support Stream Recycling (they're sitting on our boxes). On Saturday, January 13th, the Zoo held its first electronics recycling event in partnership with Stream Recycling. Though it was a bit of a cold morning, 532 pounds of electronic equipment was collected and sent for recycling. Recycling old electronics recovers valuable materials that can be used to make
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Tips for Buying a Refurbished Computer

Computer recycling doesn’t always involve dismantling the device for parts. Some computers that show little to no cosmetic damage and are relatively new, are now being “refurbished” and put back on the market as “used” or rebuilt devices. Many have upgrades included that make them better and more functional than they were when they were new. What is a “Refurbished

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From Recycling to Refurbished

Electronic devices are everywhere. If one breaks it is can be easily replaced by a newer, more improved model. When this happens, many people take their device to am electronics recycling center. The fact is, electronics recycling is becoming a major business. It’s a much better solution to recycle the components of an electronic device than to allow them to

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Should You Dismantle Your Electronics Before Recycling?

Communities have learned the value of electronics recycling, especially when it comes to the disposal of outdated or broken electronics. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices contain a variety of valuable materials that can be used again and again if they are recycled correctly. Even though your first thought may be to dismantle your computer or other electronic devices

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How to Remove Data and Personal Info Before E-Recycling

The United States Environmental Protection Agency states that the U.S. alone throws away over 9.4 million tons of electronics every year. This means that there is a multitude of resources that could be reused—for instance, energy from one million laptops which can power 3,657 households for an entire year— that are just being tossed in the trash. Within one million

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