5 Different Ways To Recycle Old Electronics

Do you have old electronics that need to be trashed? Do you know how to properly dispose of them?

Disposing of old electronics isn’t as simple as just tossing them into the trash. You have to consider the environment and other serious matters such as the security of your personal information or that of your business and customer data.

So what are you supposed to do with all that “junk?”

The best way to dispose of your old electronics is to find effective ways to recycle it. Doing so will not only help protect the environment, but it will also (if it’s done right) protect all sensitive data and personal information with specific measures taken to keep it out of the wrong hands. And, if you are a business, you need documentation as proof that you did what you were supposed to do when recycling your old electronics. Everything from which recycling company you chose, to the steps that company took to prepare and recycle that equipment without exposing any sensitive data.

Five Different Ways to Properly Recycle Your Old Electronics

1. Donate Your Old Electronics

There are many people who can’t afford to continually buy the latest and greatest electronics. Additionally, there are schools that simply don’t have the funds needed to buy them either. That’s why donating your old electronics, especially computers, could help change lives. These non-profits will take your old electronics, refurbish them, then give them to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.

2. Return and Exchange Programs

Many manufacturers offer to recycle their old electronics. Some have national recycling programs and others will pick them up for a fee. Then there are those that offer exchange programs and will take back your old electronics when you buy a new one. In either case, these companies will, depending on the item and how old it is, refurbish and resell it, or, if it’s not able to be refurbished, they will send them to a recycling center if they are not already an electronic waste recycler themselves.

3. Upcycle

Upcycling is when you take something old and turn it into something else. For example, using old window frames for pictures, taking an old bus and turning it into a tiny house, etc. Upcycling old electronics is great to use for retro decor or unique outdoor landscape art, etc.

4. Resell

You can also recycle your old electronics by reselling them. You could put an ad on Craigslist or another similar resale website. There are also people who buy old electronics as well. These people buy your old electronics from you, refurbish them, then resell them to someone else. Some of those people actually recycle old electronics for a living.

Now, for the absolute best way to recycle your old electronics…

5. Recycling Service

The best way to recycle your old electronics is to use a professional recycling service. This will ensure nothing ends up in a landfill, on the side of the road, or in the hands of a criminal. Additionally, a reputable recycling service will provide you with the documentation you need to protect yourself from a lawsuit.

If you are a business, your old electronics are a major liability, especially if they end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, recycling your old electronics, especially your computer equipment, isn’t just a task, it’s a responsibility to your company and its customers.

How Can I Find a Reputable Recycler?

To find a reputable recycler, you will need to look for proof that the recycler in question meets a certain standard. For example, is that company a RIOS certified recycler? Are they NAID certified? Is that company a member of your local Chamber of Commerce? Additionally, you can check their online Google reviews. Reading that company’s Google reviews will give you a clear picture of the way that company does business.

Confirming a Recycling Company’s EPA ID Number

Another thing you should check before you hire any recycling company is to check their EPA ID. This will confirm that the company you have chosen meets the criteria set by the EPA to perform the services of their trade.

You can check any given company’s ID on the EPA website. You simply input their EPA ID into the Site ID box, hit enter, then click on your State name, then look for the name of the company you have chosen. If you then click on the name of the company, all their information should be there. If you don’t find any results using the EPA ID or you don’t have that company’s EPA ID, you can try inputting that company’s name, address, etc. into the boxes. And if you still don’t find any results, you might want to investigate a little further.

What’s Next?

If you would like more information about having your old electronics recycled, please Contact Us today. Stream Recycling is a highly respected member of the community and has been helping individuals and businesses alike with all their recycling needs.


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